Leader Portrait

The Leader Portrait is a focused measurement of your capacity to influence others to follow you.
*Do not misinterpret the results as a personality instrument describing your behavior and attitudes.

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What is the Leader Portrait?

The Leader Portrait is an instrument that reports the measure of a leader and their ability to influence followers by knowing the Context and Capacity through which you function best.

What should I expect when taking the Leader Portrait test?

  • Context: Is the setting and style through which you most effectively influence others
    Context is displayed through the interplay of leading and following in the leadership process.
    Leaders create the vision and influence others.
    Followers are inspired by this vision and choose to pursue.
  • Capacity: States how you will function within your Context as defined thorugh 7 L Factors. Capacity is not defined through a single L Factor, but rather the Configuration of all 7 L Factors.

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